Communications Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides comprehensive communications solutions that generate quality data for predictive modeling, audit trails of when activities occurred, recordings of conversations, and maintain compliance and security while using voice, text, email, photo sharing, and real-time chat to engage with customers and patients. Solutions facilitating communications and ensuring positive engagements 24x7 are vital for all organizations.

Comprehensive communications solutions are required to provide user friendly methods for engagement, compliance for securely exchanging information, producing audit trails, and generating analytics. Additionally, rapidly changing demographics require engagements to be secure and inclusive of text, real-time chat, and photo sharing. If methods of engagement can be selected easily from a comprehensive solution while maintaining compliance and security, your team can remain focused on offering the best care to customers and patients.

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Speech Analytics Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides speech analytics to call/contact centers performing inside sales, customer service, technical support, and healthcare triage. Words are the pulse of all engagements and expectations of responsiveness, preparedness, and efficiency continue to increase.

Analytics from spoken words and sentiment analysis of engagements will identify keywords, levels of quality assurance being achieved, crucial insight for improvement strategies, and insight for training toward achieving high satisfaction with every engagement. Streamline Plus LLC's solutions will provide the quality data for analytics and predictive modeling tools to accurately generate the insight needed to drive optimization and compliance across your entire enterprise for maximum profits.

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Electronic Forms and Electronic Signature Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides electronic forms (e-forms) and electronic signature (e-signature) solutions to conveniently engage with employees, customers, patients, and students to gather important information. These solutions eliminate printing, signing, and scanning every page of every form and repeatedly entering the same information: name, account number, address, telephone number, e-mail, and date of birth.

Whether you are capturing signatures at a customer service desk, patient registration or bedside, during new employee onboarding, or approving requisitions, e-signature will STREAMLINE the process PLUS reduce costs. Streamline Plus LLC will also integrate e-forms and databases to automatically complete e-form’s fields with known and verified information already existing in databases, as well as, automatically send any new or updated data captured on e-forms, directly to databases. Completed e-forms are then securely archived, electronically, for quick retrieval.

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