Communications Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides comprehensive communications solutions required for user friendly methods of engagement, compliance while securely exchanging information, producing audit trails, and generating quality data for analytics. Establishing and maintaining positive customer engagement 24x7 is on every executive’s mind. Companies of all sizes offer customers many engagement points. Instead of maintaining several fragmented systems, using a comprehensive solution to engage customers via the method (voice, text, email, photo sharing and real-time chat) of their choosing, will STREAMLINE processes PLUS reduce costs.

Streamline Plus LLC enables customer service and technical support call/contact center teams to manage complex on-call schedules, uniquely, for multiple, or any combination of products, services, departments, and/or regions. Additionally, on-call team members have the flexibility to make last minute changes (audit trail captured). After engaging with a customer, via an inbound voice call or online chat, the call/contact center can securely send messages and mission critical alerts to subject matter experts (SME) and field engineers (FE). The SME/FE simply clicks on the customer's callback number to initiate a call to the customer. The SME/FE's phone number is automatically masked or the call center/contact center’s telephone number can be displayed to the customer. SME/FE will then have options for recording and/or annotating their conversation with the customer.

Streamline Plus LLC's solutions will eliminate the waiting on hold often experienced when an answering service is used to orchestrate after hours calls between customers and SME/FE. Asking a couple of questions and sharing simple pre-recorded responses ensures after hours requests to on-call teams are qualified. Following a customer leaving a voicemail requesting an afterhours response, the on-call SME/FE securely receives the transcription, with key words highlighted, of the voicemail describing the customer’s needs. This helps SME/FEs make quick determinations regarding the urgency required for responding. Additionally, the voicemail’s audio file is included if any clarification of the customer’s needs is required. Enabling SME/FE to read and listen to the customer’s needs, gives them an intuitive platform to prepare for a customer engagement, avoids fatigue from repeatedly calling an answering service questioning accuracy of forwarded messages, and improves customer satisfaction. The SME/FE simply clicks on the customer's callback number to initiate a call to the customer. The SME/FE's phone number is automatically masked or the after hours’ telephone number can be displayed to the customer. SME/FE will then have options for recording and/or annotating their conversation with the customer.

Streamline Plus LLC's solutions enable SME/FE to easily establish secure emailing and/or secure photo sharing during customer engagements. One of the biggest benefits of easily selecting the customer’s preferred method of communications is maintaining compliance and security so SME/FE can remain focused while offering the best care to customers. Customers securely sharing information and full resolution photos improves their engagement with SME/FE. As a result, SME/FE can better troubleshoot and share detailed information about corrective actions while sparing the customer from an on-site visit. Reducing on-site visits for minor corrective services opens availability for more serious, higher revenue generating visits.

Streamline Plus LLC's comprehensive communications solutions can also send appointment reminders, with tailored message content providing clear details. This same flexibility can be used for sending screening tests and surveys for customer visits requiring follow up.

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Speech Analytics Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides the measuring tools so you can manage your call/contact center. During peak periods, inside sales, customer service and technical support teams need to be prepared with the best resources to respond effectively and efficiently during customer engagements. Speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and predictive modeling will identify the level of service your customers desire and tweaks needed to your business model to achieve a competitive edge and maximum revenue.

Streamline Plus LLC provides comprehensive speech analytics and predictive modeling tools enabling call centers/contact centers to analyze 100% of spoken words and perform sentiment analysis for 100% of engagements. The capability of achieving 100%, will truly identify levels of quality assurance being achieved, trending market opportunities, product/service feedback for improvement strategies, and content needed for training on the best techniques to use during customer engagements. Whether your call center/contact center is used for inside sales, customer service, or technical support, Streamline Plus LLC’s speech analytics, conversation sentiment analysis, and predictive modeling tools will accurately produce the insight needed to drive optimization and compliance across your entire enterprise.

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Electronic Signature Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides low cost, high value signature pads for capturing and saving signatures electronically. Eliminate printing, signing, and scanning every page of documents that require a signature. Capture signatures electronically in any of these applications:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsft Excel
  • OpenOffice Write and Calc
  • Adobe Acrobat and Reader PDF

Additionally, Streamline Plus LLC's e-signature pads are compatible with many systems used for the entertainment industry, point-of-sale, tax return software, automotive, package delivery verification receipt, and many more.

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Electronic Forms and Electronic Signature Solutions

Streamline Plus LLC provides electronic forms (e-forms) with multiple electronic signature (e-signature) options to accommodate any workflow. Customers, students, residents, vendors, new hires (onboarding), and employees completing e-forms can easily enter information and attach documents using desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. E-form’s fields can be mandatory to ensure all required information is submitted to prevent wasting time chasing people to get all of the required information. Workflow routing can be selectable, predefined, and/or conditional. To manage on-time completion of mission-critical information and approvals, track e-forms throughout workflow and/or automatically send a confirmation whenever a workflow step is completed.

Streamline Plus LLC has multiple, standards-based, options for integrating e-forms and databases to automatically complete e-form’s fields with know and verified information already existing in databases. This will eliminate repeatedly entering the same information on every form; name, account number, address, telephone number, e-mail, and date of birth. Also, integrating e-forms and databases will automatically send any new or updated data captured on e-forms directly to databases and eliminate the workflow step of manually keying the captured data into databases. Additionally, all captured data; entered, selected drop down, selected checkbox, and automatically calculated, is treated as discreet data and usable for analytics.

Streamline Plus LLC will eliminate the printing and scanning workflow steps and STREAMLINE the process PLUS reduce the costs of capturing signatures and information. Upon completion of workflow, e-forms are securely archived electronically and available for easy retrieval, electronically, by searching with any keyword and/or number.

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Scanner Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Services

Streamline Plus LLC offers preventative maintenance and support services for your high-volume scanners to complement the transition period to e-forms and e-signature. Since e-forms and e-signature phases out the scanning workflow step, the useful life of a scanner can be extended with preventative maintenance. Services include a field engineer pro-actively calling customers to schedule preventative maintenance. Additionally, consumables and cleaning supplies are included and shipped automatically in advance of your preventative maintenance delivery date. In addition to extending the useful life of high-volume scanners, the probability of unplanned downtime is reduced for these mission critical scanners. For desktop scanners, Streamline Plus LLC will help create a next day, advance replacement and repurposing strategy to complement migrating to e-forms and e-signature.

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